Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Are the Jobs?

Eric Kantor and the Republicans say that we can't take away the tax cuts for the billionaires because "We can't tax the job creators."

If this is true, where are the jobs?  Do you see the so-called millions of jobs that the rich are creating?

Of course, it isn't true.  Jobs have gone downhill ever since President Bush gave them a tax cut.  The Politics Simplified answer is that those people do not in fact create jobs (unless of course you count the illegal immigrants that the billionaires pay under the table as maids and cooks).  But even then, those people don't pay taxes--read, they don't help the deficit.  What does happen, rather, is that those tax cuts made the deficit balloon.  Once the common person hears that the deficit is again out of control, they cut their spending, thus affecting the economy, which further adds to the deficit.

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