Thursday, August 11, 2011

GOP Presidential Contenders Turn To Iowa

Republicans will focus on Iowa beginning tonight in hopes of continuing the progress they made in the debt ceiling adventures.

The first Republican presidential debate in two months will be tonight.  Iowa is the first state that award delegates in both the primary and caucus.  Most of the contenders will make stops at the Iowa State Fair to take questions from voters and shake hands.  Several others, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is making all the moves one would associate with a run at the nation's highest office, will also be at the state fair. 

Then Saturday night, the Ames Straw Poll will likely influence the race.  It generally is a test of grassroots organization and the candidates who do the best have the best organizations and are able to get their supporters to the event.

Perry has one thing in common with the last occupant of the White House besides also being from Texas--he was a "C" or "D" student.

Hopefully America has learned that when you have a president that is dumber than you are, the results are not good.

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