Saturday, September 17, 2011

President Bill Clinton

I was just watching a replay of U.S. President Bill Clinton's first State of the Union Address.  It is a tragedy that the term limit for president was not extended during his time.  The budget that was balanced would not have exploded out of control, the dangers of terrorism that were so evil and came to being on 9/11 would not have happened for they were known about but ignored by Clinton's successor, health care reform would have been passed much sooner, thereby freeing families to live more healthy, productive lives and have more disposable income for themselves rather than on medical bills.

Many politicians speak words, but Clinton inherently understood what he was talking about, perhaps more than any other president in U.S. history.  If you are able to replay this address, you will understand what a visionary he was.  He forecast that if health care reform was not passed, we would see deficits approaching a billion dollars shortly after the turn of the century.  And what did we see during the Bush administration?  Deficits approaching a billion dollars.  We went from having a genius in the White House to a child in the White House, and we clearly saw the difference.  Unless or until moderates and Republicans begin to see that it is better to have a Democrat in the White House than it is to have a bad Republican, America's problems will continue.

Had Bill Clinton been in office from 1992-2008, American would be strong, we would continue to have a large surplus, our education system would be the envy of the world, interest rates would be low, and the stock market (which he tripled from 3, 200 when he took office to 10,800 when he left), would probably be over 20,000 by now.  America is much, much worse off because he wasn't given extended terms.  We are much, much worse.

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