Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney Wins New Hampshire

For some reason, New Hampshire still hasn't counted all of their votes.  It's not like they have 50 million votes, but 5% of the precincts are not done yet.

In any case, Mitt Romney, whose time of leading people is in the past, has won the state.

Romney has 40% of the vote, outdistancing kooky Ron Paul who has 23%.  Jon Huntsman, the rich tycoon who I'm sure understands the problems of the rest of us, garnered 17%.  Newt Gingrich, who was last in the House when President Clinton was in office, had 10% while Rick Santorum, who finished second in Iowa, fell all the way to 9%.  Rick Perry, who from Texas hopes to follow in Bush Light's tradition of advancing from that state and who once was the darling, managed just 1%.

So, for now at least, it appears abortion rights activists are turning the tide.  They have now convinced Republicans that abortion is a woman's right to choose.  That would be a major victory and would about end that argument.  Romney of course supports abortion rights and if Republicans nominate him for president, that would essentially say that 80% of the country now believes in the right to choose.

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