Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polls Have Closed in Kentucky and Indiana

Romeny leads Kentucky as expected, 69-30% with just 1% of the vote counted.  Results from Kentucky have slowed to a standstill at the moment--love that computer technology!  Romney leads Indiana, also expected, although the vote total is narrowing as results come in.  Romney now leads 60-38% with 3% counted in the Hoosier state.

Those are two of the states that make the national vote so close.  Without Romney support in states like these, Obama would be far ahead.

Indiana has 11 electoral votes, Kentucky 8.  Remember, it's the first guy to 270 to win.

By the way, we're hearing that 90 million people are expected not to vote, and that, when asked who they would vote for if they did, 43% said they would vote for Obama and just 18% for Romney.  In other words, if these people voted, Obama would have about a 12% win.  So if you haven't voted, get out and vote and quit screwing the country up.

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