Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama Wins Florida

Nice of Florida to participate in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.  We realize they're pretty much a foreign country anymore and not up to the same standards the rest of us have, but it's still ridiculous to be four days late with election results.  

Governor Jeb Bush, who has eyes on being the president in 2016, made sure the results for his state were well hidden, choosing to finalize the results on the off-news day Saturday so as to attempt to marginalize Obama's victory Tuesday. 

Anyway, Obama won Florida, adding to the landslide electoral vote.  It also meant Obama won all eight toss-up states this year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Republicans Lose 6 Seats in U.S. House

There are still some run-off contests and challenges to be decided, but it appears that it is indeed a clean sweep--Republicans have lost the presidency, two seats in the Senate and 6 seats in the House.

Democrats also won the gubernatorial races, taking at least five with Republicans nabbing four.  There are two (Montana and Washington) that are still to close to call but the Democrats are leading those as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Wins Virginia

This popular president has now gone over 300 electoral votes.

Obama Wins Nevada

6 more votes for Obama.

Democrats Retain Control of U.S. Senate

We now project 55 Democrats but for now, the Democrats have 50 in the bag.

Obama Wins Colorado

9 more electoral votes, which just increases the margin of victory.


President Barack Obama has won reelection shockingly early, at 8:13 P.M. West Coast Time, 11:13 on the East Coast.

Obama Wins Iowa

It's nearly over.  Who would have thought that at 8 P.M. on the West Coast, the race would be nearly over.  We heard predictions of 10 P.M., 11, Midnight, 3 A.M., two weeks from now even before the race would be decided.  This is looking like it could be over before the 2008 race was, which was around 9:30 on the West Coast.

If Obama wins either Virginia, Ohio, Florida or Nevada, he wins the presidency.

Obama Wins California, Washington and Hawai'i, Romney Takes Idaho

Obama moves into a huge lead with 244 electoral votes to 193 for Romney.

Kaine Wins Virginia

This was a hotly contested race, no pickup for the Democrats, but they nonetheless are glad to hold on to that seat in Virginia.

Minnesota and Wisconsin Go to Obama

Obama has won a second battleground, Wisconsin, and also carried Minnesota.  That's 20 more electoral votes for the President.  

Current total:

Obama 173
Romney 163

Republicans Pick Up Nebraska Senate Seat

That makes a net gain of 3 for the Democrats so far.

Obama Wins New Mexico

Another state goes to Obama, and far earlier than expected.  The paths for Romney are becoming very narrow.

Romney has 158 electoral votes to 147 for Obama currently.

The Battleground States

Obama has won one of the eight--New Hampshire.  The other seven are playing out just as the polls predicted, very close.

Florida and Ohio will go down to the wire.

In Virginia:  Romney leads 51-47

In Florida, so far Obama with 49.7% to 49.5% for Romney.

In Ohio, Obama with 52% to Romney's 47%

In New Mexico, Obama leads, 52-44.

In Colorado, Obama leads 50-48.

Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada too few votes to spot a trend.

Montana Goes to Romney

But only three votes for Romney.  He's winning the states, but there's no one in them.

Utah Goes to Romney

Shocker--they're as predictable as the seasons.

Allen Leads Kaine by 2% in Virginia

Allen with 51% and Kaine with 49%.  This gives us insight into the presidential race, although we make it clear not to draw parallels.  Still a lot of votes to count.

New Hampshire Called for Obama

The first battleground state has been decided.  Obama wins New Hampshire.

Elizabeth Warren Defeats Brown in Massachusetts

Warren's win is a huge pickup for the Democrats in the Senate.

Democrats Have Gained Two Seats in Senate

Our calculations were that there would be no gain when it's all said and done--53 Democrats and 46 Republicans.

Two Big Prizes--Michigan and New York--to Obama

President Obama just won two huge states, Michigan and New York.  Michigan with 16 electoral votes, New York a whopping 29.

Louisiana and Entire Middle of Country Goes to Romney

Call them The Stepford Wives--that middle section from North Dakota to Texas--just colored all red for Romney.  They think, act, and say things that are exactly alike.  No individuals there.

Bill Nelson Projected Senate Winner in Florida

This was a close race until the last few weeks.  A big hold for the Democrats.

Obama Takes Lead in Florida

51-49 with 49% in.  But, this is about the same time that Al Gore took the lead in Florida in 2000 and he ended up losing the state.  Long ways to go.

Alabama Goes to Romney

9 electoral votes.

States Called for Obama

Maine 4
Vermont 3
Massachusetts 11
Rhode Island 4
Connecticut 7
New Jersey 14
Delaware 3
Maryland 10
D.C. 3
Illinois 20

States Called for Romney So Far

Georgia 16 electoral votes
South Carolina 9
West Virginia 5
Kentucky 8
Tennessee 11
Indiana 11
Arkansas 6
Oklahoma 7

Lots of states, but not many electoral votes.

We Are Calling Vermont for Obama

Obama has 70% to 28% for Romney--we are calling Vermont for Obama.

U.S. Senate Results

Richard Mourdock leads Joe Donnelly 48.9% to 45.5% for the Indiana Senate.

Polls Have Closed in Kentucky and Indiana

Romeny leads Kentucky as expected, 69-30% with just 1% of the vote counted.  Results from Kentucky have slowed to a standstill at the moment--love that computer technology!  Romney leads Indiana, also expected, although the vote total is narrowing as results come in.  Romney now leads 60-38% with 3% counted in the Hoosier state.

Those are two of the states that make the national vote so close.  Without Romney support in states like these, Obama would be far ahead.

Indiana has 11 electoral votes, Kentucky 8.  Remember, it's the first guy to 270 to win.

By the way, we're hearing that 90 million people are expected not to vote, and that, when asked who they would vote for if they did, 43% said they would vote for Obama and just 18% for Romney.  In other words, if these people voted, Obama would have about a 12% win.  So if you haven't voted, get out and vote and quit screwing the country up.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

U.S. Auto Sales Up Again

General Motors and Chrysler announced their best October sales since 2007.

America Added 158,000 Jobs in October

The United States added 158,000 jobs this month, topping optimistic forecasts of 143,000 by private economists.

Consumer Confidence in the United States the Highest in Four Years

Fueled by optimism in the job market, the closely-watched Consumer Confidence Index rose from 68.4 to 72.2 last month. The index is at its highest point since February 2008, when the country was beginning to feel the effects of the Great Recession that had begun several months earlier.