Monday, April 9, 2012

Apparently Gore Was Right

It's too late to benefit from former Vice President's wisdom now, seeing as a minority of the country elected someone else in 2000, but, in hindsight, it appears that Gore was right in forecasting global warming.

According to the NOAA, which has been keeping statistics since 1895, the month just concluded will go down in history as the warmest March in history.  An incredible 15,292 high temperature records were broken during the month, and for the first three months, it was the warmest quarter ever recorded in the Lower 48 states.  The average temperature was 42 degrees, a whopping 6 degrees above average.  25 states east of the Rockies reported their warmest March on record.  

As anyone who has studied global warming will tell you, the higher temperatures also produce odd weather patterns, resulting in significant rain or snowfall in areas that normally don't receive much precipitation.  This is because, as the warmer than usual air causes water to evaporate, the water must come down in places it normally does not.  The warmer temperatures also produced bizarre conditions for thunderstorms and tornadoes.  During a month that averages 80 tornadoes, there were 223, causing 40 deaths and property losses of $1.5 billion.

Not sure what wisdom President George W. Bush departed us with, but we certainly lost out on the intelligence of Gore.

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