Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maryland the Latest to Reject Traditional Republican Values

Republicans have decided this year that, in fact, the Democrats are right and they should align themselves closer to the Democratic party.  Maryland is but the latest to reject Rick Santorum and his platform of traditional Republican policies that the party has followed for 30 years.

Mitt Romney will win Maryland and likely will win D.C.  The race in Wisconsin is too close to call, but regardless, Romney will be over half of what he needs to win the Republican nomination.  

With 6% of Maryland reporting, Romney has 53% support to just 27% for Santorum.  Romney's Massachusetts health care plan was the model for which President Barack Obama's national health care bill was patterned after.  Plus, he supports the right to an abortion.

We will have complete results of tonight's election returns as they come in.

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