Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eyes on Wisconsin

Wisconsin used to be a reasonable state.  Not sure if the water in the Great Lakes has turned bad, but just to elect a person like Scott Walker raised eyebrows.  Then, after he tried to undo laws that were made because the workers of this country were getting killed by bosses that didn't like them, the voters of Wisconsin woke up.

A million of them signed a recall petition for Walker and today, we'll see if that is successful.  It would be sad to think that American workers have no chance to be successful through the strength of unions.  Guarantee most bosses aren't going to give you good salaries out of the goodness of their hearts. I just talked to a young guy (25 years old) who had been with his company eight years.  He was one of the only people who knew the entire operation and he excelled at what he did.  Always came to work on time, was willing to work hard and go the extra mile, but he's been passed over for promotions in favor of the boss's son and daughter-in-law.  Unions make things like nepotism impossible, for you are promoted based on your experience rather than how willing you are to "kiss up" to the boss.

Of course, non-union members can't appreciate the value of unions because they don't know it.  It would be like not knowing the value of the sun if you had never been exposed to it.  

In any case, a good deal of attention will be on Wisconsin today.

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