Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obama vs. Romney 2012 Presidential Polls

There have been seven recent presidential polls--all but one show President Obama knocking off Mitt Romney.  

IBD/CSM/TIPP did a poll over a week and found that 46% of respondents favored Obama compared to 42% for Romney.  The largest sample, Gallup's at 3,050, shows a one-point edge for Obama, 46 to 45%.  The only one of the seven that shows Romney pulling the upset is Rasmussen Tracking, which shows a 48-44 lead for Mitt, although Fox News has it a 43-43 tie.

Reuters/Ipsos has it 45-44 for Obama while CNN/Opinion Research shows a 49-46 edge for Obama at Monmouth/Survey USA/Braun has it 47-46 for Obama.

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