Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Expect the Health Care Bill to Be Repealed

Supporters of the American health care law should have no illusions:  The Supreme Court is stacked with people who only think one way--it is "their way or the highway".  The "debate" over the health care reform law is not a debate at all, but a circus.  The Court will either throw out the entire bill or at least the mandate.

Actually it is the mandate that is the fairest part of the entire law.  Americans are under the misconception that the health care bill is socialism when nothing could be farther from the truth.  What we have now in the United States is socialized medicine--those who cannot afford health care can under the existing system that has been in place for decades go to an emergency room and get free health care, while that cost is subsidized by the rest of us in the form of higher costs for health insurance.  That is socialism.  What the new law does is force everyone to pay their fair share rather than being bailed out by the rest of us.  This point for some strange reason isn't being made.

In any case, the Court will overturn this law and we'll be back in the mess we were in before.  If they only throw out the mandate, which of course is the key part in ending socialized medicine, then the deficit will go up even higher as a result of the Court's decision.

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