Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Republican Oil Companies Trying to Sway Election, As Usual

It's pretty much a given that Republican-backed oil companies will do their darndest to influence presidential elections.  Like clockwork, if a Republican is in the White House, prices will come down before the election and conversely, if a Democrat is in power, prices will go up.

So they think that by having their people speculate the price of oil up that Obama will lose.  What they don't realize is that everyone knows their game by now and certainly aren't going to make changes in who they vote for based on what the price of oil does.  We know the price is going up and the economy is going to suffer.

We also know that it is the oil companies to blame for the bad economy, and not the president.  Now if the price of oil went down and we still had a bad economy, then the oil companies might have a case.  But it's not and thus they don't.

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