Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood Destroys Mitt Romney's Chances at GOP Convention

As undecided and independent voters tuned into the GOP National Convention last night to see what the Republicans were about, they were blown away.  And not in a good way.

It was as if Clint Eastwood took a Magnum 57 and shot them dead.  The former actor and now director went through 12, 13, 14 minutes of a rambling, incoherent, confusing speech that left all who heard it stunned for its crass nature and unprofessionalism.  At the end, people couldn't tell if Eastwood was for Gitmo, against it, for war, against it, and even criticized the man he was there to praise for being a Harvard law school student.  Most Republicans sat in silence and dumb awe at what was taking place before them.

One of the worst parts of the embarrassing scene was when Eastwood talked to an empty chair that was supposed to represent President Barack Obama, as if an African-American didn't deserve to have a voice.  During one part of the "skit", Eastwood said, "What do you have to say about Mitt Romney?  Oh, well he can't do that to himself," as if President Obama would ever say that.  It was crass, uncalled for, shameful, ill-advised, self-damaging to the Republicans and the most despicable thing ever seen at a national political convention.

The performance ruined any chance of not only Romney, but of Republicans doing well this fall.  "If that's what Republicans stand for, I want no part of it," said one undecided voter.

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