Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama Not Popular in Middle East or China

If you want the U.S. president to be popular in the Middle East and China, vote for Mitt Romney.  President Barack Obama is popular everywhere overseas but those areas.  

Among the allies of the U.S., Obama is hugely popular--87% of Germans, 86 of the French, 80% of the British and 66% of Japan have confidence in him according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center.  An astounding 92% of the French, 89% of Germans, 73% of the British and 74% of the Japanese want Obama re-elected.

In the Middle East, those folks don't hold Obama in as high esteem.  In those countries, 29% approve
of Obama's performance and 25% want him re-elected.  The Republicans seem to think much the
same way as the Arabs, as Obama has similar numbers in polls of Republicans.  The GOP can also proudly say that they think the same way as China, where just 38% approve of Obama and 31% of the Chinese want Obama re-elected.

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